Black is the new Black

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Black is the new Black


54.00 $

WOO your moments with our luxurious giftset. Black is the new Black. This giftset contains a handmade candle, our WOO Lucky Candle – S, our detoxifying charcoal soap and our eco-friendly water bottle. All in the colour black.

This handmade candle is perfect for setting the mood and adding elegance wherever placed. Featuring up to 30-hour burn time. It comes in the scent Tranquility.

  • TRANQUILITY (Black). This sumptuous bouquet features honeysuckle and cardamom with a hint of citrus, adding a relaxing, lush and sweet-smelling backdrop to any space.

Ingredients and materials include sustainably-sourced oils and beeswax, upcycled vodka bottle, German lead-free cotton wick and somewhere the Lucky coin…

Handcrafted by people from vulnerable communities: beekeepers, bottle collectors, glass artisans, sand blasters, wax specialists.

WOO your day with our detoxifying charcoal soap. Handcrafted in Asia with activated charcoal, soothing coconut oil, conditioning rice bran oil and sophisticated, exclusive perfumes, this deep-cleansing combination was tailor-made for complexions that WOO.

Handmade by artisanal soapmakers from vulnerable communities across the globe. By lathering with WOO, you are enabling and empowering these amazing makers. Ingredients include activated charcoal, coconut oil, rice bran oil and exclusive European perfume.

Insulate your hot and cold beverages with our eco-friendly water bottle. This sustainable and elegant container helps you to enjoy many WOO moments time after time. Made from stainless steel, a durable and insulating material that’s also dishwasher safe.

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