WOO Perfume Candle Refill – L


WOO Perfume Candle Refill – L

(Tranquility | Treasure)

17.00 $

WOO your moments with our luxurious handmade candles, perfect for setting the mood and adding elegance wherever placed. This refill will prolong the live of your WOO candle holder size L. This refil featurs up to 60-hour burn time. This refill size L is to be used in WOO lantern – Lucky Candle large Mermaid large or Black Mermaid large. The refill comes in a paper bag.

Available in the following exquisite European perfumes:

  • TRANQUILITY. This sumptuous bouquet features honeysuckle and cardamom with a hint of citrus, adding a relaxing, lush and sweet-smelling backdrop to any space.
  • TREASURE. This rich and heady scent features ylang ylang and sandalwood with hints of mandarin and black pepper, creating a cherishing warmth and coziness that’s perfect to come home to.

Ingredients and materials include sustainably-sourced oils and beeswax and a German lead-free cotton wick.

Handcrafted by people from vulnerable communities: beekeepers and wax specialists.

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